Day 13/174 Left…Exhaustion, Scrapes and Some New Swag

I apologize for being MIA…I seriously have to get better at blogging.

What have I been doing the past week and a half?
I’ve done a 4 mile run (more about that later), a 3 mile run, two 3.5 mile runs, and swam for 2 more days. Phew. When I write it all down, it seems quite daunting.

All but the 4 miler I did on a treadmill after working camps and boy was I exhausted. By Friday, I was so tired that right when I got home, I promptly fell asleep on the living room couch for an hour. I’m hoping this week will be better and I won’t be as exhausted! I swam for an hour with my big brother who was in town and I think I tired him out…while I was still going strong. Win for me.

Moving on, this week’s long run, the 4 miler, aka the longest run I’ve ever done, was an experience. I ran around part of a local park with my friend and her new puppy (SO CUTE). It was lots of fun and going pretty well until I stepped wrong on a root. 5 years ago, I sprained my left ankle really badly and eventually had to get surgery to repair it – it’s been fine since. But guess which foot stepped on the root wrong and guess which ankle got twisted because of said root? Oh yeah, the left one. Not only did I twist it but I fell and scraped up my right shin on lots of dirt and gravel. At least there were no hot guys around to watch my disaster – it’s the small things right?


My ankle was pretty sore for the rest of the week but I pushed through and did the rest of my runs and workouts.

On Thursday, I wanted to try out something I found on Pinterest (aka my new obsession) – turning an old t-shirt into a workout tank! And…SUCCESS!! I can’t wait to doctor more of my old shirts. I hate wearing sleeves when I run, so not only am I saving lots of money and repurposing old shirts, but I will be super comfy when I run! I think I might use a cute ribbon to tie it up next time and add a little flair. Here’s the end result: cute, huh?

ImageAnd my last update before I turn in for the night and get up early for my second 4 miler tomorrow: I FINALLY bought some beautiful new running shoes! I headed over to Potomac River Running this afternoon, tried some out, and fell in love with an awesome pair of black and lime green Brooks Ravenna 3s. It was past time for me to buy some new shoes. Here’s a pic of my new babies:


That’s all for now – can’t wait to break in my new shoes tomorrow!!


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